Telemedicine On Your TV: Meeting Patients Where They Are

January 25th, 2022

Telemedicine’s initial indication consisted of radio broadcasts from workers separated by significant differences from society such as astronauts, military and oil rig operators. In its next iteration it featured phone calls from wherever the patient happen to find him or herself. Subsequently, video conversations arrived as a surrogate for face-to-face, brick and mortar encounters. Then, as now, telemedicine rises to the occasion to meet patients in need wherever they are.

Among my most formative high school experiences was delivering packages of food to needy families in my community. Although unable to afford basic necessities such as basic dietary components, they universally had large TVs with full cable, amenities that I, the middle child of a local physician, did not myself have! Then, as now, television is ubiquitous in society, and a more basic necessity even than food!

Our recent opportunity to reach patients through their television access point, as part of Independa’s LG’s healthcare suite, combines the two aforementioned societal truths: telemedicine is essential to provide access to care for patients in rural or critical access regions or who cannot otherwise access their physicians, and television, as a ubiquitous “necessity” in our society, would be a natural medium for that encounter. Individuals are already engaged in television, in their shows and in their watching routines. It is therefore a no brainer. Surprisingly, this is the first opportunity to engage patients via this modality.

We are confident that we at MediOrbis will be able to bring healthcare to even more patients and meet even more people at their convenience when and where they are.