How to Stay a Good Doctor

June 7th, 2017

Young physicians are generally preoccupied with compensating for their INexperience – working long hours, taking on extra shifts, diligently reading articles and attending conferences.  However a recent study indicates that it should be older physicians who are most concerned.  Older physicians have worse outcomes across the board  with the exception of physicians who maintain a high volume of patients.  According to this study, physicians recently out of training are more versed in recent literature, able to meet their outcome metrics and provide better care – on average – than their older counterparts.  This study adds an important component to the age old debate of youth vs. experience, again, speaking globally.

Among the myriad of challenges that young physicians face, we are now adding yet another… putting ourselves in an academically nurturing and clinically demanding set up, which is sustainable in the long term.

Patients fare worse with older doctors, study finds