How Telemedicine Can Address Physician Shortages

June 13th, 2021

A recent study from the Association of American Colleges presented gloomy forecasts regarding the future state of physician availability in the US.  While physician shortages have been well documented in the US, the predicted upcoming shortfall is astounding.  The study calculates that a frightening number of patients will have insufficient access to both primary and specialty physicians.  An estimated shortfall of almost 50,000 primary care physicians and almost 80,000 specialists will be difficult to compensate for.

In order to ensure that patients receive the care they need from top quality providers who can support them, the system must be optimized to allow for streamlined and efficient processes, provide a comprehensive support and engagement clinical team , and utilize a top – tier telehealth platform to support these programs.  Sticking to the old “tried and true” methods will leave patients with poor resources and likely poor outcomes.

Only by embracing comprehensive and integrated platform solutions, such as that provided by MediOrbis, will patients continue to be well cared for.  In providing time and cost efficient clinical services that are streamlined and appropriate for the staffing capabilities available, MediOrbis is ahead of the curve in instituting a telehealth infrastructure to support its outstanding comprehensive primary care services, maintaining high quality patient care despite potential physician shortages.