HLTH 2019 Stand-Out: Specialty, AI-Powered Telemedicine for Chronic Disease Management

November 5th, 2019

As one of the few specialty telemedicine companies offering an AI-powered solution that addresses issues related to chronic disease management (CDM), MediOrbisTM stirred substantial interest with its Tech Talk presentation and exhibit during HLTH 2019. This level of enthusiasm came as no surprise since we have the cost-effective solutions that are so compelling for self-insured employers, hospital and health systems and provider networks.

In fact, MediOrbis was subsequently invited to a large private trade show to continue the conversation on innovative programs that deliver better patient outcomes at lower cost. This will be another opportunity to showcase our unique approach to specialty telemedicine and telehealth – and the first-of-its kind CDM program.

As healthcare leaders work to define the future of clinical medicine and telemedicine, MediOrbis exemplifies “new medicine” today. Our CDM solutions improve access to quality specialty care and provide first-to-market capabilities for managing chronic conditions, such as heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease.


Cost-Effective and Scalable

One key takeaway from HLTH is the emphasis on streamlined, integrated clinical solutions that meet the fiscal requirements of payers. Our specialty telemedicine and CDM programs address these needs, moving well beyond expectations to improve metrics and outcomes while lowering overall healthcare costs. What’s more, our solutions are scalable – a critical concern for payers and one that allows them to offer programs for large, diversified geographic areas.

We also recognize the importance of digital technology, the consumer appetite for convenience and the growing reliance on handheld devices.  That’s why we’ve made significant technology enhancements to our web and mobile apps, bringing sophisticated AI-powered software to each patient’s mobile device.  These programs are designed to predict health problems before they occur, improve individual outcomes and lower costs for people with chronic or complex illness.

Expertise on the Line

With five years of outstanding worldwide telemedicine service, conducting thousands of telemedicine patient consultations per month, the MediOrbis clinical programs answer the most glaring market need in telemedicine.  We are pioneers and have become leaders in leveraging virtual care to address and manage chronic illnesses – the most prevalent and resource-consumptive health conditions.

MediOrbis physicians are U.S. trained and board certified, licensed and credentialed in the region where they practice. Highly renowned physicians in virtually every specialty are now available, bringing the most advanced healthcare to people throughout the world.

For both routine medical issues and specialty physician needs, self-insured employers, brokers and intermediaries are taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to address complex diseases and conditions head on – with an eye on improving patient outcomes, reducing hospital admissions and lowering healthcare expenditures.

As we focus on improving patient engagement and enhancing the patient experience with telehealth services, we will continue to innovate and develop meaningful programs that simultaneously impact the health and well-being of individuals, while addressing the financial concerns of our growing customer base.


To learn more visit: www.mediorbis.com