Global Telemedicine Market

June 27th, 2018

Global Telemedicine Technologies and Services Market to Reach US$76,500 Mn by 2025 as Healthcare Extends to Remote Places

Analysts for quite some time have been predicting an expansion of the local (U.S.) telemedicine market owing to its’ convenience, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.  Studies now indicate a similar expansion into the global market with growth in EVERY aspect of telemedicine – general and acute care, specialty services, and chronic disease management programs.


At MySpecialistMD we have seen this excitement for international and global telemedicine services firsthand.  Countries all over the world recognize – some more slowly than others – that telemedicine is an inevitability but also has great benefits.  Moreover, it provides access to global physician networks which individuals in rural or foreign countries don’t necessarily have access to.  By streamlining medical care, improving access and tools, we are poised to lower costs and improve outcomes worldwide in global health.